Even small children could be stopped at the Danish border

Source: Støjberg om nødbremse: En 10-årig pige uden forældre skal ikke kunne komme ind i landet

Politiken interviewed Danish Minister for Immigration Inger Støjberg:

With this proposal, unaccompanied children seeking asylum may be blocked. Is it your opinion that the cohesion and welfare of the [Danish] country matters more than granting the wish of an unaccompanied child seeking to enter Denmark to apply for asylum?

“If you arrive here as an unaccompanied minor, you’ve already been through Germany and other countries, you don’t arrive from an unsafe country.”

Should this law also apply to a 10 year old girl, arriving here alone?

“Yes. The break means, nobody gets in, unless the parents are here already.”

Why should a 10 year old with no parents seeking asylum not be allowed into Denmark, when the country  [Denmark] is under pressure?

“In that case the child will be referred to the German authorities, maybe in Padborg. Then the German authorities will take it from there,” says Danish Minister for Immigration Inger Støjberg. 

Extra music and movie taxes on your PC and smartphone?

Source: Vildt slagsmål på vej: Nu vil de lægge nye musik- og film-afgifter på din pc og smartphone

Danish Minister of culture Mette Bock wants to update the tax system for empty media. This historically was about compensating musicians for the possible legal copying of music to CDs, DVDs etc. Currently media like USB drives are also included. 

An update would probably add computers, tablets and smartphones to that list, reasoning music and movies can also be copied to these.

The argument against this is, that people have stopped downloading and copying altogether and only stream.

Limiting the number of non-western immigrants?

Source: Ja, du kan godt være dansker, selv om du er indvandret hertil

“There are today areas of Denmark that are 50% or more immigrants and descendants from non-western countries. It is the opinion of Folketinget that Danes shouldn’t be in the minority in Danish residential areas.”

The twist here is that “immigrants and descendants from non-western countries” and “Danes” could be seen as 2 non-overlapping groups.

Should the word have been “ethnic Dane”?

The text qouted is not part of a law, but merely the opinion of a majority of Folketinget, a declaration of intent.

It is however preparation for a possible new law limiting the number of new immigrants. 

Source: Her bor flest personer uden dansk oprindelse

This article is about zip codes with many immigrants and descendants. 2 of these have a percentage of 50 or more of people of non-Danish origin. This is the basis of the new law. However, the numbers don’t distinguish people of non-western origin.

Source: Tweet

One of the zip codes mentioned doesn’t have more than 50% non-western immigrants/descendants. 

Possibly some of the language originated here:

Source: Liste over ghettoområder pr. 1. december 2016

Ghettos in Denmark are defined as residential areas of at least 1,000 persons fulfilling 3 of 5 criteria, one being: More than 50% are immigrants or descendants of non-western origin. 

The list has 25 ghettos. Most of these fulfil the immigrants/descendants criterion. However, residential areas are much smaller than zip codes. 

Danish minister for food doesn’t accept petitions

Source: Esben Lunde afviser indsamlinger: Simpelthen fordi

When asked why he doesn’t accept petitions Danish minister for food Esben Lunde Larsen replied:

As a minister I don’t accept petitions simply because I don’t want to. I simply don’t want to.

The simple reason is: Do you accept petitions with 10 signatures? Or with 10,000? When do you say yes or no?

Others are welcome to accept petitions. I respect that. But from day 1 as a minister I’ve said that I won’t. 

In one case a petition from Greenpeace was turned away.

(Translation shortened version of original.)