DoubleU Bingo, bad design III

Yeah, there’s still bits and pieces left here.

No, I’m not in “11st” or “13rd” place.

No, there isn’t “0 bingo left”.

And in both cases: look elsewhere on the screen for the correct spelling.

No, my rank isn’t “0th”. That would put me in front on #1, and that makes no sense, I have 0 points, eh, coins.

Come on. This is the easy stuff.

Doubleu Bingo, bad design II

June 28: The only way for me to share on the game’s Facebook page is to comment on an existing post. I shared this blog post that way. For this I have been banned. I can no longer comment on their posts.

I want to play bingo.

Yes. That’s a good game. Bingo!

That’s okay, 6 bingos, but after that we play.

Yes, yes, the round is over, now we play.

2 more cards to start? Eh. Okay. But then we play?

But no. First we wait 40 seconds.

Then we actually play.

Sigh. Bad design.

DoubleU Bingo, bad design 

There’s this bingo game called DoubleU Bingo.

I have a few issues with this game. Let me give you my top 2.

Poweraisers. The picture above has a lot of information. Poweraisers are shown as lightning. At the very top you can tell I have 934 poweraisers. On the right you can see I have 2 reds, 1 yellow and an unlimited amount of free green ones. I also have bought 931 green I can’t use anywhere. I can only buy yellow (using in game coins, not real money) by buying 2 green + 2 yellow. This makes no sense. 

Bingos left. In this particular game there were 20 bingos. Every time someone gets a bingo, there’s a sound. When we move to the state 19 bingos left, there’s a tick, a click. This also goes for 18 etc.

Moving to the state of having 16 bingos left is special. There’s a sort of alarm bell.

Every state from “15 bingoes left” to “1 bingo left” gets a note. 15 states, 15 notes in 2 octaves. Neat.

The state of “0 bingos left” is simply the screen going dark. No sound. 

1) The click/tick, the alarm bell and the note have nothing in common. It’s hard work to figure out what these sounds mean.

2) The 15 notes produce something like a melody. If 2 bingos happen at once, a note is skipped. This sounds awful when I go directly from 2 left to 0 left. The melody ends on an awkward note.

I still play this game a lot, trying to ignore these and other problems. But it’s not very satisfactory. 

Number Knot, bad design 

I like to play Number Knot.

When I open the game, I see a lot of packs.

But I don’t see the pack I’m working on right now. It’s on the next screen. Swipe left.

There it is! I tap Hitching Tie. (Don’t ask me why it’s named like that.)

This is a screen of puzzles. I’ve already solved these. Swipe left. 

Finally I’m ready to go after no. 13.

So. 2 unnecessary swipes left so far. 😦

I play the game by tapping in a white field and then tapping a number. But I have to take care. If I tap between 2 numbers (e.g. the space between 1 and 2) I have to start over. 😦

Otherwise a beautiful little game.

Note: I’ve written about usability before, in Danish.