DoubleU Bingo, bad design 

There’s this bingo game called DoubleU Bingo.

I have a few issues with this game. Let me give you my top 2.

Poweraisers. The picture above has a lot of information. Poweraisers are shown as lightning. At the very top you can tell I have 934 poweraisers. On the right you can see I have 2 reds, 1 yellow and an unlimited amount of free green ones. I also have bought 931 green I can’t use anywhere. I can only buy yellow (using in game coins, not real money) by buying 2 green + 2 yellow. This makes no sense. 

Bingos left. In this particular game there were 20 bingos. Every time someone gets a bingo, there’s a sound. When we move to the state 19 bingos left, there’s a tick, a click. This also goes for 18 etc.

Moving to the state of having 16 bingos left is special. There’s a sort of alarm bell.

Every state from “15 bingoes left” to “1 bingo left” gets a note. 15 states, 15 notes in 2 octaves. Neat.

The state of “0 bingos left” is simply the screen going dark. No sound. 

1) The click/tick, the alarm bell and the note have nothing in common. It’s hard work to figure out what these sounds mean.

2) The 15 notes produce something like a melody. If 2 bingos happen at once, a note is skipped. This sounds awful when I go directly from 2 left to 0 left. The melody ends on an awkward note.

I still play this game a lot, trying to ignore these and other problems. But it’s not very satisfactory. 

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