Oh happy color…

Long time user of Happy Color. It’s so good. Color by number is just perfect for me.

But of course it’s not a perfect app. Here are a few issues.

1) Apparently each completed puzzle takes up a certain amount of space on my phone. And when you’ve completed, I don’t know, 10,000+ puzzles, it’s a lot of space. On top of that, a lot of completed puzzles means that some of the operations in the app take a long time. They all seem to be “show some puzzles”. As if it takes a lot of time to filter out the completed ones? I’m not sure what’s going on here. I know that enough information is stored (on the phone, I think) to show an animated puzzle, and it would be fine by me not to store that, if it would save time and space.

In my case, there was 4.66 GB of data.

2) The app has a mechanism to backup and restore progress in the cloud, including moving to another device. It barely tells me that a sync is going on. I don’t know how far along that sync is. 10%? 99%?

Sync in progress.

3) There are a lot of categories of puzzles. But some of them don’t make sense. A puzzle that’s daily + animal only shows up in daily. Same for bonus + animal. Solved puzzles can be removed from most of the category overviews, but not daily, making it very hard to navigate. Because nothing can be found via dates. At this point, instead of having one tab for every category (there are about 20), there should be tags. Then I could configure which tags I want to see always/never. And daily and bonus shouldn’t be special. And configuring for time period would be nice too.

4) I find that the “good” puzzles are hard to tell in advance. Number of cells and size of smallest cell and number of colors all matter, but I have to guess at these numbers. Showing these numbers and letting me configure which ones I want to see always/never would be a great help.

5) I usually color each puzzle, one rectangle at a time. I have to do the zooming and the moving around by hand. It would be so great if the app helped me.

6 rectangles.

How I color the puzzle.

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