How Denmark treats refugee children

Child refugee arrives at the Danish border alone. If a lot of refugees are arriving at the same time (it happened in 2015), it should be possible to refuse them entry. (I can’t figure out whether this rule is in effect. But it has certainly been debated.)

Child refugee from Afghanistan is not granted asylum. There are plans to create centers for these children in Afghanistan. This applies when no family can be found.

Family is not granted asylum. They have to be sent home, but home won’t accept them, so they can’t be forced. So they live in a center in Denmark. 90 children live here. The recommendation is they should live here at most 2 weeks. They live here a lot longer. Parents and children have no idea when that situation will change. The parents feel insecure. Of course the children can sense that. Meals are eaten in large, noisy rooms. There is no access to a world free of fear, like regular school.

OVERBLIK: Her er SF og S uenige om udlændingepolitik

Liten tro på omsorgssenter i Afghanistan

Udrejsecenter Sjælsmark er ikke et sted for børn

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