Personal information of 590+ government employees leaked

Personal Identification numbers, names, jobs and work places for at least 590 Danish government employees were accessible on the internet.

This is especially troubling for the affected prison guards, who already have to work hard to protect their privacy. Prisoners can use knowledge like that for blackmail.

The leak was a human error by IT company Miracle, on a test site. Apparently the data were accessible December 20, 2017 – January 8, 2018. One of the affected persons discovered the leak by googling their own name.

There is no sign the data were read by possible abusers, but that is no guarantee.

Politikerne er oprørte over datalæk: »Det er helt katastrofalt«

En medarbejder i Kriminalforsorgen googlede sit navn og fandt meget mere, end vedkommende ønskede at finde

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