Science fiction predictions VI

“Our Dystopia: Imagining More Hopeful Futures”, Kameron Hurley:

“People often ask me about the power and purpose of science fiction. Are we future-prophets? Should there be a religion founded on William Gibson texts? Should we make Octavia Butler our patron saint of change? Will Connie Willis found the next Scientology spin-off?
I don’t think we’re seers. Most of us can’t even predict what we’ll have for lunch tomorrow. I’m even conflicted about the idea of us on advisory committees for NASA. We don’t know the future any better than anyone else. If you’d asked me in 1988, I’d certainly have thought the world would have exploded into a fiery World War Three by now and we would all be being hunted by Terminator robots. In truth, some of the worlds I created, like the one in my God’s War trilogy, look far more like post-apocalypse novels than anything else. That’s still the future I turn my head toward when shit gets real. It’s the future I know. It’s the one I grew up with.”

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