Niels Klim-nyt, juni

Maj gik da vist egentlig meget fredeligt. Og jeg trissede rundt og læste bøger og blade og aviser for at følge med i strømmen af nye tekster! Således kom der 2 fra aviserne, 1 fra et medlemsblad, 1 fra en bog og 6 i form af bøger – heraf bl.a. 1 digtsamling. 10 i alt i maj, så dermed var der 15 på listen, og så allerede 2 fra juni også oveni. Og ovre på Facebook er der også dumpet nogle romaner ind.

Niels Klim-prisen, maj-nyt

Planlægningen skrider frem, så vi forhåbentlig til efteråret får endnu et spændende panel.

  • Datoen er sat til søndag 23. september, om eftermiddagen. Og altså på Fantasticon.
  • Ordstyreren bliver som sædvanlig Niels Dalgaard. Han ved jo en hel del om både ny og gammel science fiction, så han kan stille de gode spørgsmål.
  • Deltagerne er Merete Pryds Helle (Epifanien), Chr. Winther (Verdens Rigeste Mand og hans tro tjener Boris) og Carolineskolens 5. klasse (Ogel i fare). Sidstnævnte tager deres hjælpeforfatter, Carsten Folker Møller, med.
  • Alt dette er med forbehold! Der er mange måneder til, og noget af det er lidt usikkert endnu.

Lige efter panelet bliver årets priser delt ud.

Med hensyn til 2018, så er der taget hul på forslagslisten. Det blev til 5 værker i april. Desuden kan du følge med i produktionen af romaner ovre på Facebook.

Tid og sted for uddeling af Niels Klim-prisen

Tid og sted for uddeling af Niels Klim-prisen er ikke helt afgjort endnu. Altså, ikke 100 %. Men her er det, vi ved.

Det kommer til at foregå den weekend, hvor der er Fantasticon. Dvs.

Tid: 21.-23. september.
Sted: Serapions-Ordenen Sekretariat, Haveselskabetsvej 3A,1823 Frederiksberg C.
(Samme sted som sidste år.)

Men programmet for weekenden er ikke lagt endnu, så ugedag og klokkeslet kan jeg ikke komme med.

Niels Klim-nominated translations, up close

Here we have some small quotes from this year’s nominated translations.

“The Chronic Argonauts”, H. G. Wells (Niels Dalgaard), Tidsmaskinen (The Time Machine), SFC

The idea of something ultra human was furthermore accentuated by the temporal arteries that pulsated visibly through his transparent yellow skin. No wonder, in view even of these things, that among the highly and over-poetical Cymric of Llyddwdd the sieve theory of arrival found considerable favour. It was his bearing and actions, however, much more than his personality, that won over believers to the warlock notion of matters.

“The Fluted Girl”, Paolo Bacigalupi (Niels Dalgaard), Den store science fiction-bog (The Big Science Fiction Book), SFC

Soon she had to show herself, or Madame Belari would get impatient and send for Burson, her head of security. Then Burson would bring his jackals and they would hunt again, crisscrossing every room, spraying pheromone additives across the floors and following her neon tracks to her hidey-hole.

“Surface Tension”, James Blish (Niels Dalgaard), Den store science fiction-bog (The Big Science Fiction Book), SFC

“Microscopic?” Phil said incredulously. “Certainly,” Chatvieux said, amused. “We can’t very well crowd a six-foot man into a two-foot puddle.”

“Crying in the Rain”, Tanith Lee (Niels Dalgaard), Den store science fiction-bog (The Big Science Fiction Book), SFC

“Greena,” she said. She strode across to the hen-run, glanced at the disappointing hens. There had only been three eggs all week, and one of those had registered too high. But in any case, she wasn’t concerned with her poultry just now. “Greena, this morning we’re going into the Centre.” “What about the Warning, Mum?” “Oh, that. Those idiots, they’re often wrong.”

“Oceanic”, Greg Egan (Niels Dalgaard), Den store science fiction-bog (The Big Science Fiction Book), SFC

Daniel said, “Remember what Beatrice told Her followers, the last time She appeared? ‘Unless you are willing to drown in My blood, you will never look upon the face of My Mother.’ So they bound each other hand and foot, and weighted themselves down with rocks.”

Omnilingual”, H. Beam Piper (Niels Dalgaard), Den store science fiction-bog (The Big Science Fiction Book), SFC

“Look how long it took to read Egyptian hieroglyphics, even after they had the Rosetta Stone.” Sachiko smiled. “Yes. I know. But they did have the Rosetta Stone.”

“A Letter From the Clearys”, Connie Willis (Niels Dalgaard), Den store science fiction-bog (The Big Science Fiction Book), SFC

I don’t see how it’s going to be any different from last summer. The only things that came up at all were the lettuce and the potatoes. The lettuce was about as tall as my broken fingernail and the potatoes were as hard as rocks.

“New Light on the Drake Equation”, Ian R. MacLeod (Niels Dalgaard), Den store science fiction-bog (The Big Science Fiction Book), SFC

“But in clearing out and revising her responsibilities, it’s come to my attention that monies have been allocated to your project which, I regret to say …”

“Altogether Elsewhere, Vast Herds of Reindeer”, Ken Liu (Niels Dalgaard), Den store science fiction-bog (The Big Science Fiction Book), SFC

Mom is an Ancient, from before the Singularity. There are only a few hundred million of them in the whole universe. She lived in the flesh for twenty-six years before uploading. Her parents-she had only two-never uploaded.

“Home Sweet Bi’Ome”, Pat MacEwen (Niels Dalgaard), Den store science fiction-bog (The Big Science Fiction Book), SFC

I looked down. The rash was an odd one, the bumps looking weirdly transparent and delicate rather than small, hard and red. Whatever. It speckled half the cabinets, the walls, the ceiling, and most of the pouches I use for drawers. I spat, “Son of a bug-eater!” It wasn’t me that had the rash. It was my house.

“An Infinite Summer”, Christopher Priest (Niels Dalgaard), Tidsparken (Palely Loitering), SFC

He stood now on the bridge over the Thames at Richmond, resting his hands on the parapet and staring south along the river. The sun reflected up from it, and he took his sunglasses from a metal case in his pocket and put them on. Night was the only relief from the tableaux of frozen time; dark glasses approximated the relief.

“The Art of Space Travel”, Nina Allan (Niels Dalgaard), Sølvvinden (The Silver Wind), SFC

It was all just rumours at first, but last week it became official: Zhanna Sorokina and Vinnie Cameron will be spending a night here at the hotel before flying out to join the rest of the Mars crew in China.

Remade 15: The End of the Beginning, Kiersten White (Martin Reib Petersen), Saga-Egmont

This wasn’t the family Inez would have chosen, if she could. On the other hand, the family she left on the beach that fateful day, she wouldn’t have chosen that one either. (That fucking idiot life saver). At least her real family knew they had to make decisions together, if they wanted to survive. And now she’d unfortunately been caught with a group, that hadn’t learned that yet.

(Translation of Remade by Lise, the rest are the original words.)

Niels Klim nominated novellas, up close

Here we have some small quotes from this year’s nominated novellas.

Specialklassen 3: Bøllebank i Belgien (Special Class 3: Brawling in Belgium), Jacob Kokkedal, Facet

“Hmmm,” Nick thought. “Then I do know how we can get down to that base. We just have to gather the guys and then break into Sunbeam. Then we’ll meet back here.” Line smiled. She knew she could always depend on Nick.

Rejsen til Skyway (The Trip to Skyway), Marie Ladefoged, Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag

We ordinary mortals are cell divisions, despite seeming to be whole. We are microscopic before we become something, infinitely, infinitely small. I saw it through a microscope, enlarged on a screen in a clinic, where she was busy creating herself, without me. There my child lay, four beautifully split cells and no fragments in a petri dish.

Kodeks (Code), Gudrun Østergaard, Calibat

Where the hell did she come from? She must have left the room just before I did. I opened my eyes. “What the fuck are you doing? Gross nazi pigs!” Vigga growled with a finger with purple nail polish stretched in front of her. Her voice was like the roiling roar of a predator.

Fragmenter af Danmarks historie 2020-2031 (Fragments of Denmark’s History 2020-2031), Lars Hedegaard, Document forlag

After the creation of the Danish exile government in Viborg, people in the freed areas resumed calling a spade a spade. What used to be called Islam got its old designation back, Mohammedanism. A Muslim was a Mohammedan again – i.e. a follower of Muhammed’s ideology of conquest.

April 2026, Jeppe Krogsgaard Christensen, Gyldendal

I think you need a new iScreen. Joachim asks her to retrieve her own. She says Of course and smiling writes Modigliani and Nu couché. The wheel turns. That’s odd she says and Well, we’ll try the biggest. She writes Mona Lisa in the search field and presses GO. The wheel turns. Surely they’ll have it fixed soon, she says, and if this continues, he may exceptionally have to do his lecture without projecting the paintings on the canvas of the auditorium.

Epifanien (Epiphania), Merete Pryds Helle, Fahrenheit

Of course there were eagles; maybe not as many as when Epiphania flourished in prehistoric times, but still an awful lot, hundreds of them, in close circles in the air above us.

Endorfino (Endorphino), JG Gylling, Brændpunkt

– But maybe I could exercise less, you know? I wouldn’t be so tired then, Lotte continues. Her lower lip trembles. – No, listen, you get more energy when you exercise. You’ll feel it, but it’ll take a little while. Just wait and see.

Vi vågner i Sibirien (We Awaken in Siberia), Martin Paludan, Brændpunkt

Now everybody knew the temperature was falling. The streets were practically running over with coats and fur hats. It was a collective metamorphosis, the human race was gradually turning into a new, furry race.

(Translated by Lise.)

Niels Klim nominated novelettes, up close

Here we have some small quotes from this year’s nominated novelettes.

“Grens hedonometer” (“Gren’s Hedonometer”), Anne-Marie Træholt (Rasmussen), Lige under overfladen 12: Efter fødslen (Just Below the Surface 12: After the Birth), SFC

“Have you ever read any of uncle’s books?” With two fingers she hit the cover of the paperback she had just drawn her nose out of. On the front page was a man with a naked torso in the middle of a rain forest. If it hadn’t been for the big, wild beard, covering most of the breast, it would never have been approved by the censors. “Three out of four passengers on Behavoris have read it.”

“Iversens tragedie” (“The Tragedy of Iversen”), Christian Holger Pedersen, Lige under overfladen 12: Efter fødslen (Just Below the Surface 12: After the Birth), SFC

“Oh, hell,” said Iversen. But the man just stopped and looked up into the air with the same brain dead expression as the cyclist. Iversen got tired. He turned into the opposite lane, overtook the others and just reached the other side before the yellow light ran out, and he reached home in time to feed to the goldfish. – The first space ship materialised about 100 kilometers above Earth’s surface.

“Kat!” (“Cat!”), Jesper Goll, Lige under overfladen 12: Efter fødslen (Just Below the Surface 12: After the Birth), SFC

It’s a relatively small crater, maybe 75 m in diameter. It’s fairly deep, but there are no obvious signs of water in large quantities. On the other hand there’s something down here, that the satellites radar imaged. It’s why they’re here. Lunarcorp wants to know, whether there’s money here.

“Tilbage til Kibeta” (“Back to Kibeta”), Richard Ipsen, Lige under overfladen 12: Efter fødslen (Just Below the Surface 12: After the Birth), SFC

That day long ago up in the hills close to Bukoba where I met someone I never even dreamed of. Because I threw a stone at a snake. Because I let the fear take over and lost a part of my soul. Or whatever I lost back then, a long time ago, where I was twelve years old and suddenly alone in a completely different world. What I got back, what I brought back with me through a long life, I had no idea.

Transfervindue (Transfer Window), Maria Gerhardt, Politikens Forlag

Mikkel gets up and makes a fist and acts: “We are making history! The people will love us for this, we calm their worst fears, we wrap them in cotton and the most delicious surroundings.” His speach is a little mannered, and a couple of old ladies stare at him, mouths open. “My God, up north isn’t for the rich, it’s for the sick!”

Oprøret 2: Afsløring af Kobranetværket (The Rebellion 2: Exposing the Kobra Network), Jacob Oliver Krarup, Calibat

He starts to drag me along. Towards a door in the middle of the centre. Employees only, it says. It’s the first time I’ve been caught stealing. I’ve only done it for two weeks, while I’ve been living on the streets of Elysium.

N3xus, Emil Blichfeldt, Alinea

I am a courier, and they don’t dare make eye contact with a courier working for the Clan. The Clan, running the city since the government fell apart. I can feel people looking at my back. They can’t help looking at it. The briefcase chained to my wrist.

Ogel i fare (Ogel in Danger), Carolineskolens 4. klasse (4th grade) 2016/17, Lurifaks

Bbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrkkkkkkrrrrrrrggggggg was the sound of Ogel getting smashed and bits tearing lose from the planet and flying into space. A lot of Ogel people and their houses, roads, forests and animals went into space with the lose part of Ogel. They were never seen again.


(Translations by Lise.)