Niels Klim nominated novellas, up close

Here we have some small quotes from this year’s nominated novellas.

Specialklassen 3: Bøllebank i Belgien (Special Class 3: Brawling in Belgium), Jacob Kokkedal, Facet

“Hmmm,” Nick thought. “Then I do know how we can get down to that base. We just have to gather the guys and then break into Sunbeam. Then we’ll meet back here.” Line smiled. She knew she could always depend on Nick.

Rejsen til Skyway (The Trip to Skyway), Marie Ladefoged, Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag

We ordinary mortals are cell divisions, despite seeming to be whole. We are microscopic before we become something, infinitely, infinitely small. I saw it through a microscope, enlarged on a screen in a clinic, where she was busy creating herself, without me. There my child lay, four beautifully split cells and no fragments in a petri dish.

Kodeks (Code), Gudrun Østergaard, Calibat

Where the hell did she come from? She must have left the room just before I did. I opened my eyes. “What the fuck are you doing? Gross nazi pigs!” Vigga growled with a finger with purple nail polish stretched in front of her. Her voice was like the roiling roar of a predator.

Fragmenter af Danmarks historie 2020-2031 (Fragments of Denmark’s History 2020-2031), Lars Hedegaard, Document forlag

After the creation of the Danish exile government in Viborg, people in the freed areas resumed calling a spade a spade. What used to be called Islam got its old designation back, Mohammedanism. A Muslim was a Mohammedan again – i.e. a follower of Muhammed’s ideology of conquest.

April 2026, Jeppe Krogsgaard Christensen, Gyldendal

I think you need a new iScreen. Joachim asks her to retrieve her own. She says Of course and smiling writes Modigliani and Nu couché. The wheel turns. That’s odd she says and Well, we’ll try the biggest. She writes Mona Lisa in the search field and presses GO. The wheel turns. Surely they’ll have it fixed soon, she says, and if this continues, he may exceptionally have to do his lecture without projecting the paintings on the canvas of the auditorium.

Epifanien (Epiphania), Merete Pryds Helle, Fahrenheit

Of course there were eagles; maybe not as many as when Epiphania flourished in prehistoric times, but still an awful lot, hundreds of them, in close circles in the air above us.

Endorfino (Endorphino), JG Gylling, Brændpunkt

– But maybe I could exercise less, you know? I wouldn’t be so tired then, Lotte continues. Her lower lip trembles. – No, listen, you get more energy when you exercise. You’ll feel it, but it’ll take a little while. Just wait and see.

Vi vågner i Sibirien (We Awaken in Siberia), Martin Paludan, Brændpunkt

Now everybody knew the temperature was falling. The streets were practically running over with coats and fur hats. It was a collective metamorphosis, the human race was gradually turning into a new, furry race.

(Translated by Lise.)

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