Limiting the number of non-western immigrants?

Source: Ja, du kan godt være dansker, selv om du er indvandret hertil

“There are today areas of Denmark that are 50% or more immigrants and descendants from non-western countries. It is the opinion of Folketinget that Danes shouldn’t be in the minority in Danish residential areas.”

The twist here is that “immigrants and descendants from non-western countries” and “Danes” could be seen as 2 non-overlapping groups.

Should the word have been “ethnic Dane”?

The text qouted is not part of a law, but merely the opinion of a majority of Folketinget, a declaration of intent.

It is however preparation for a possible new law limiting the number of new immigrants. 

Source: Her bor flest personer uden dansk oprindelse

This article is about zip codes with many immigrants and descendants. 2 of these have a percentage of 50 or more of people of non-Danish origin. This is the basis of the new law. However, the numbers don’t distinguish people of non-western origin.

Source: Tweet

One of the zip codes mentioned doesn’t have more than 50% non-western immigrants/descendants. 

Possibly some of the language originated here:

Source: Liste over ghettoområder pr. 1. december 2016

Ghettos in Denmark are defined as residential areas of at least 1,000 persons fulfilling 3 of 5 criteria, one being: More than 50% are immigrants or descendants of non-western origin. 

The list has 25 ghettos. Most of these fulfil the immigrants/descendants criterion. However, residential areas are much smaller than zip codes. 

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