Afrofut, megafut

Jeg har vundet en bog!

Se selv på Twitter!

Her er i øvrigt en plan over bogen.

Her er et panel med 4 interessante forfattere:

Hvem er (ikke) del af afrofuturisme?

Let’s Talk About Afrofuturism

Det her er “kun” afro, men stadig interessant. Toni Morrison, 1998.

Afrofuturisme + Star Trek:

‘The Shadows Took Shape’ Tackles Race In Past, Present And Sci-Fi Future

“In our exhibition catalogue, Alondra Nelson refers to the seminal Star Trek episode “Plato’s Stephchildren” (1968) featuring a kiss between Captain James T. Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura, the first interracial kiss on US television. There’s also the subsequent year’s “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” (1969) which I distinctly remember seeing as a re-run as a child in the 1980s: Lokai and Bele are two — literally — half-white, half-black aliens, but their color separations are mirror images of one another. The final scene reminded me so much of Dr. Seuss’ “The Butter Battle Book” (1984) and both had a profound impact on me about race and intolerance at a young age. Maybe I was a strange kid…”

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