Stoic tools, condensed

So. I don’t know whether this is true. But I keep thinking the Stoic tools are connected. Let’s see.

You feel unhappy. There are a couple of possible reasons.

  • Your life is actually fine, but you don’t feel fine about it. Negative Visualization to the rescue! Remind yourself that it could be worse.
    • Compare “me now” to the hypothetical “me later”, looking back on you doing this particular activity right now, for the last time.
    • Compare “me” to “someone else”, looking at your life and thinking, that’s a good life, better than mine anyway.
    • Compare “me now” to “me later”, looking back on your life right now and being nostalgic.
    • Bonus points: at bedtime, consider, did you remember to use the above described tool today?
  • Your life, admittedly, has some problems.
    • Look for the silver linings.
    • Imagine that all this is happening to toughen you up. That you’re being tested.

There are also some general techniques.

  • Regarding feeling unhappy:
    • Do some hard stuff on purpose. It will feel unpleasant in the moment. But it will be good training for other unpleasant times.
  • Regarding seeking out happy moments:
    • Practice awe.
    • Practice delight.

Does this work? What do you think?

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